Wednesday, February 27, 2013

let the cleaning begin

So, I think I've mentioned before that there's going to be a wedding here in Maberga in September.  Yup, my cousin Bump is going to get hitched right here in my back yard.  Well, I'm speaking figuratively there because we don't really have a back yard.  Bump and Doug are getting married up at the Maberga church, which is, sort of my back yard.  And, well, if we are going to get technical here, they are just getting married NEAR the church since the church is catholic, the wedding is not, blah blah...

Anyway... wedding.  here.  boat loads (actually plane loads) of family members coming.  plane loads of family members seeing Maberga for the first and, not to be pessimistic but realistic, probably the ONLY time.

Time for David and I to put on the famous italian "bella figura" if there every was one.

Baby, get your spit on...we got some cleanin' up to do.

Here's the list posted to the fridge.

Yep.  One done already.  Nothing like having a clean shed.

I'm sure that Bump and Doug will want to have some portraits taken in there on their big day...phew, good thing that job is done already!

Also in anticipation of a bunch of big-car-big-roaded Americans coming, someone built a guard rail on one of curves coming to our house.  Look!

What?  You don't see it?  Here, look again..

Yep.  Those are some small ass baby trees that will, in about 100 years, stop a car from rolling off the side of the mountain.  'Course by then, people will just teleport up and down the mountain, but it was really a nice thought.


  1. You're so funny. Love your posts and look forward to the progress, then the big event. :))))a

  2. waynosd2:43 AM

    OMG a clean shed! What did you do with all the stuff ? Throw it over the bluff into dum dum's property ?? Still looking for those pictures of the "New House"
    remodel. Wayne TFC

  3. Guardrails on the "road" to Maberga?!? I feel safer already!