Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snow Day 2013

Yeah, ok, really snow dayS, since I took two of 'em.  I mean, there has been snow here in Maberga for two days, I didn't decide that.  (for the record there was a lot more snow that is reflected in my photos here.)    What I did decide was to give them both the title "Snow Day".  For me a snow day is not a day in which there is snow. Well, there can be snow but it's not a requirement.  It actually has nothing to do with the weather (though, can frequently be induced by the weather).  A snow day is a state of mind. It's a day when you have to cancel everything you had planned and, well, do whatever you want. I love those days. In fact, I wrote a poem about them because I love them so much.

An ode to the Snow Day

I love you, Snow Day.
You are nothing but fun and play.
A whole free day.
Extra time.
So have another glass of wime.
And make another rhyme.
I love you, Snow Day.

Yeah, ok.  I'll stick to knitting and jewelry.

Oh, and papier mache. 

May I please present....Jalieia

 Jalieia stands about 2 feet tall and very proud.  She's named after a little girl I used to know who also stood quite tall.  Whilst her hair and dress do her namesake justice, her face doesn't yet.  David pointed out to me that she has a very tentative expression in her barely visible features which, naturally, is a direct result of my tentativeness in painting her barely visible features.  She's a bold girl and she'll get a bold face...just as soon as I find some bold courage to paint it.  It's an intimidating thing giving a child a face. 

And do stay tuned to meet her sisters one day soon...

PS.  I was actually sober when I wrote that poem.  Maybe I needn't have mentioned that.

PSS.  If you had wings and the ability to fly would WALK in this?


  1. If you had feet and the ability to walk would you still lay down in the snow to make a snow angel? So the answer to your last question is: "Yes"
    Congratulation and compliments to P.M. darling Jalieia. We hope she will get through life in a good way even with a difficult name like that.

  2. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Jalieia is just lovely. She has personality even without a clearly defined facial features. Her stance and clothing says it all !
    Brenda xx
    (who isn't really anonymous but it's the only way google will let me post ! !)