Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's celebrate!

It's summer! 

Despite the fact that I'm currently wearing a sweat shirt and wool socks because it is so wet and cold here, I know it's summer.  Know how I know?  Look
 My tomatoes have a trellis.  Must be summer.

And I've got sweet corn growing
Knee high by the 4th of July...not likely but sweet corn MEANS summer!  Except of course for that shrink-wrapped already cooked crap in the shape and color of corn on the cob that they sell in the Italian grocery store all year round.  That doesn't mean summer.

I also know that it's summer because I danced around a fire on the summer solstice with a shaman and a bunch of other people.

Like this Greek guy who gave praise to the gods by chanting something in Greek...or at least, that's what he told us he was doing
Wait, let me back up a second.  See this beautiful woman?

Christine turned 50 the day before the summer solstice, so we had a little party to celebrate both.  She made herb head wreathes.

And a guy that looked like Gandhi played the drum.

And we ate marshmallows over the fire

Doesn't that look beautiful and romantic?  That's what it looked like to us who were there.  Here's what it really looked like
Note to self: best to keep the flash off when photographing a party in the dark.

We held chickens
And played the flute
And planted a tree

Yep, pretty good time had by all celebrating summer that night.

I also know it's summer because I've done this


And then there were big celebrations because these guys came to visit and nothing broke

You might remember them from older posts like this one.  They are "the fun couple" from the comments.  They are also the people for whom every system in our house completely stops working when they are here. This is the first time they've come in summer, and the first time everything's worked.  Celebrations.

Happy Summer, it's off to a good start for me.

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  1. Wonderful Summer Solstice Party! How fun it is at your place! :)