Wednesday, July 03, 2013

some good news, some bad news, but more good news!

So let's start with a bit of good news.  Augusto stopped by today.  Unless it rains tonight he's going to lay some patio tile tomorrow.  He asked me if I know how to pray.

"pray for no rain tonight"

Augusto is a serious atheist but he was born in a Catholic country.  It's hard to ignore that inertia.

Bad news...there's been a slight set back in the wedding planning.  The music duet for the ceremony backed out.

Ok, that "music duet" was my viola teacher and her flute playing boyfriend.  Fortunately for them, but unfortunately for us, the San Remo symphony has found funding for another year.  Soooo, they will be previously engaged on the day of the wedding.

This brings us back to the other good news.  Remember when I took those viola lessons last year?  Yeah, me neither. Anyway, through the course of those lessons I happened to have bought one of these!  (don't was my maestra's attempt to get me to sing and play in tune....I guess she thought if I wasn't using a viola or my voice, I might find the right note) .

Well, that didn't really happen. HOWEVER, now in this music pinch for the wedding, I can step up to the plate.  I have the instrument and even the music.  A book came with the keyboard with a bunch of musical choices.

So, Bump and are your choices.

I'm kind of leaning toward Il Brindisi,  which of course means "the toast".

I think with me on my mini keyboard and Uncle Mike among others singing, it'll be awesome.  Look how cool this is...

So, pretty much, it's all good news.

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  1. You absolutely crack me up! I hope there are plenty of pictures, videos, and stories from this wedding!