Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just because's been raining a bunch...

 the river is raging, and
 we had a few landslides on the road and
and a huge chunk of one of our terrace walls collapsed.

Just because Augusto gave us a huge chunk of goat...
we had a lunch party on the patio on a Tuesday in January.

Just because she could...
 Mette wrote a book.  Look, there she is on the inside cover!
It's very beautifully done.  How nice is it that she gave me the very first copy?  Very very nice, 'specially since the day she gave it to me was HER birthday and I'd forgotten.  It's not available yet to buy, but I'll let you all know as soon as it is.

Just because he's a really good guy....

David bought me some happy flowers for my studio.

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  1. What a happy post. :)

    All the best from Port Canaveral - for a couple more minutes. We're sailing out and I'll soon lose my signal.