Tuesday, February 11, 2014

a big day

Last Friday, a big day -- In which the knitting girls got together for the usual...talking, knitting, talking.  Mette's had had a birthday a couple weeks ago and being the fucking thoughtless people we are, both Christine and I had forgotten.  That's nice.  Not really.  So this time we did it up right with a limoncello cake, horns, hats and presents.

 It was quite fun posing for those photos, but, well, looking at them now I find them slightly disturbing.  Oh well, big day.

Last Thursday, a big day -- In which I began my political career.  If elected, you are reading the words of the new secretary of Maberga.  It's a modest start but an important position.  I will, if elected by my fellow Mabergini, have the honor of collecting the annual dues.  That's nice.  Not really.  But here's what happened.  Neighbor Giuseppe called:
L-- Si', yes Giuseppe.  How are you?
G -- LINA!  You wan be secretar?  (that's how giuseppe speaks, he doesn't finish his words.  of course he's speaking italian, sort of)
L -- But Giuseppe, I don't speak italian well enough to be the secretary.
G-- LINA. cours' you speak ital'. we got t' pa' the bu'doz' fo' cleanin' the lan'sli'
L --  Oh, right.  We can't get the money to pay the bulldozer who cleaned the landslide without a president and a secretary.
G -- O'. like I sa'
L -- ok.  I'll do it if you are the president
G -- O'! (that's Giuseppe's way of saying yes)

We're having campaign t-shirts printed "Maberga 2014 - Januzzi/Cornwell"  Big Day. 

Yesterday, a big day -- in which my new and improved Maberga Designs website opened for business.  Now you can buy all the fun things I make (papier mache, knitwear AND jewelry) right from the site.  That's nice....it really is.  Please check it out if you can at mabergadesigns.com. 
Big Day.


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