Sunday, April 06, 2014

You can just call me Signora Secretary

Yep, by unanimous vote at a meeting of the consortium of Maberga land owners, I am official charged with the shittiest job of the board.  My responsibilities:
1.  collect the annual dues from all members
2.  take notes at the meetings.

The latter being completely impossible.

Most people reading this blog have been to meetings, have organized and run meetings, even.  Personally, in a previous life, I had a job in which all I did was go to meetings.  In fact, at that organization, we had a meeting every Monday morning so we could all inform each other of the meetings we were attending that week.  We did meetings well... it could be questioned how much we accomplished, but the meetings were done well. I suspect most of you know what a well run meeting looks and feels like.  Picture that.  Now, picture the exact opposite.  Welcome to the Maberga Consortium.

Yeah, pretty much as a group we hit every meeting-no-no that exists...
--no agenda
--everyone talks at the same time
--no rules of order
--everyone talks at the same time
--no one listens
--everyone talks at the same time
--people come and go
--3 different languages are spoken ... at the same time

For about half  the meeting yesterday I had one guy, we'll call him Bepe speaking in my left ear in Calabrian dialect and another guy, we'll call him Nino speaking in my right ear in Ligurian dialect, neither of which I speak.  During the whole meeting about 5 people were yelling at each other in a mix of the two languages, plus a little Italian.

This is why I might have some trouble taking minutes at these meetings.  The other reason being that I am basically illiterate in Italian.  No one asked me if I could write when they made me secretary.

That was yesterday, today was considerable more enjoyable...and peaceful.

We throw open the door of our locker ...

And got to it...

We planted tomatoes, acorn squash, zucchini, cucumbers, cilantro, parsnips, and a raspberry.

 I'd like to present the Cornwell Orto 2014

 We still have a little ways to go...

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  1. The advantage of writing up the minutes from that meeting is you can write whatever you want and no one will be able to challenge any of it. ;)

    Love that garden on the side of the mountain!