Sunday, March 15, 2015

So, I was driving up the road the other day and I saw a couple of people walking.  People don't usually walk up our road, so I took notice.  I noticed that it was the local kabab shop owner.  Yes, in the land of the most amazing food on the planet we have kabab shops. 

L: Ciao!  Che ci fai qui!?!  (Hey, what are you doing here?!)
KSO: we're asparagus hunting, of course.  And you should be too.  You know there are a ton just below your house!

At this point I pause for a the f$%^ does the local kabab shop owner know there are wild asparagus growing below my land?  Ok, whatever.  I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone else's business.  Why wouldn't he know this. Better question...why didn't I know this?

I wish him well and good luck in the hunt and high tail it to my house to get the dogs to go for a "walk".  Yeah, dudes, we are hunting asparagus and we're going to get them before our turkish neighbor does!

Ever wonder why asparagus is so expensive?  Yeah, let me tell you.  Ever tried looking for it in the wild?

Here we go....

first, you find a plant that looks like that one.  And then you look under it.  Which looks something like this

Yeah, that's tough.  Lots of thorns.  Mental note:  next time bring leather gloves.

So we walk on.... oh look, someone has landscaped the road

Lovely little voilets.  that's nice.  Still no asparagus.  Let's keep walking.

Oh!  Another asparagus shrub. Great!  And below....

More undergrowth and thorns!  Awesome. We're doing well.  Still no asparagus.

Keep walking.  Keep looking.  Keep thorning.  Awesome.  Actually, this sucks.

Oh look,

Discarded frames from bee hives.  Fantastic!  No honey for me, but obviously someone has some.  And well done to that person, for just leaving those frames on the side of the road!  I'm sure someone will come by and pick those up.  Someone who ventures up the road to .... say....look for asparagus. 


  1. Go ahead and go back and look again. They are there RIGHT NOW!! And you ARE looking at the right plant.
    Sometimes they are 5 centimeter long. Sometimes they are more like 1 meter. So you have to be very openminded and awake. Good idea with glove on one hand. The other should be free to gently break the asparagus free. Take a look at my blog from March 2014 if you like
    Happy hunting.

  2. I didn't even know that there is wild asparagus. I just buy the stuff in the stores. Hope you will be lucky soon! Mila