Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Find the Zucchini

I love autumn.  Love it.

I love the weather in autumn. The morning chill. Cuddling under blankets in the evening with a book.  I love the start of a new year (yes, still on academic time).  I love wearing sweaters and my birthday is in the autumn.  Knitting with wool is infinitely more pleasing than knitting with cotton and the mums bloom in autumn.
 It's the beginning of the soup season and the american football season.   Family comes to visit in the fall.  Peppers are picked and roasted.

All these things make autumn hands down my favorite season.  But you want to know what the very BEST part of autumn is?  Well, I'll tell you.  In the fall I get to play Find the Zucchini.  Awesome.  Yep, every morning in the autumn I run up to the orto for an exuberant game of hide and seek with the last survivors in the otherwise dead and weed-encumbered garden, the zucchini.

The orto in autumn

The zucchini in autumn


This guy almost beat me.

And there's nothing I like more after a lively game of Find the Zucchini than some egg, salami, and zucchini pasta for breakfast.

Happy Autumn.


  1. Happy Autumn to you, too, Lynn. The colours are really really beautiful. Autumn in Germany is not so amazing I can tell you. It's cold and dark when we have to rise - no cuddling... Greetings from Mila

  2. Fall is the best, hands down. Thanks for the Autumn post.