Wednesday, February 15, 2006

During the Knitting Olympics is not the right time to add one of these to the family.

All the same, please help us welcome Attila Ruffino (called Ruffino...we think) to Maberga.

He arrived yesterday. Doesn't he look overly intelligent in addition to how obviously cute he is? He's TRI lingual ('course he still doesn't know how to pee outside...but, come on, all dogs learn that...eventually, right?).

Ruffino spent the first few months of his life being loved and cared for by a French couple and now finds himself in an american couple's house in Italy. I can't even imagine what is happening in his little brain - two days ago he was Attila, living in a little apartment in Antibes sans garden, learning French commands, eating bagettes and brie. Now he is Ruffino, with an entire mountainside to explore and people who are themselves confused between"come" and "vieni" and parmigiano and cheddar.

Needless to say, my knitting has been a little interrupted. How could it not be?

This post is dedicated to Sparky Ruffina Serpe Cornwell.


  1. love that Ruffino guy!! the first picture doesn't seem to do justice. he looks like a salami with a nose. the second picture is more adorable! i think Spark is happy knowing that ruffino is part of your lives.

  2. I think that Ruffino is pretty darn cute, too.

  3. EarleinDenver5:59 AM

    Okay I will try again. Great to see some pics of Ruffino. He looks very intelligent. Can't wait to meet him next fall.