Monday, February 27, 2006

Little beaded flowers?

Did you ever just feel like making little beaded flowers?

Yeah, me neither. But I did today. I went to the Self "everything you need for do-it-yourself" as their promo goes. It's my favorite store. Usually I go there just to wander the aisles. But today I had a purpose. By way of the craft aisle (where I found some very festive beads) I went straight for this:

That is the switch that was supposed to solve my hot water problem. I was feeling so hopeful this morning about being able to have a hot bath today. I should have known better. In fact I should have known I'd have problems when last night I asked Jeeves about how switches work, you know, just doing a little research, and he told me this:

Forget that. I'll just unhook the bad switch and rehook the new one in the same way.

In theory this should have worked except that, well, the new switch wasn't the same as the old switch. It has less little holes in the back where the wires go. In fact, the switch was really a buzzer switch for a front door (apparently the Self doesn't have everything you need for do-it-yourself. A little knowledge is helpful too). Well, I tried to hook it up anyway. If it worked I would just hold it down for 3 hours until the water got hot or someone came to the door.

I proceeded to try every possible wire/hole combination until ... I got a shock. It wasn't a big one but it was enough to get me to give up for today ... and make little beaded flowers.


  1. olive--that's as funny as it gets. we had others on the telephone reading the blog, and laughing histerically. before jeeves anwers question, he has to know level of technical knowledge of the person asking the question

  2. EarleinDenver5:40 AM

    I can really relate. I replaced a outlet last weekend. I undid the old outlet and made a note of which wires went to which screw. There were only two wires and two screws so it wasn't that diffcult. Well the new outlet had 4 screws. No instructions but another new outlet I had showed a picture of it wired on the box and I took a guess at what went where. I attached it the best I could and held my breath when I turned the power back on. Amazingly it worked and I didn't burn the house down. Turning the power off to that circuit is definitely a good thing.

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