Wednesday, February 01, 2006

That's more like it...

Now, that’s more like it…

See this:

That’s me knitting outside –today! Yep, I’m not wearing a coat and I even have my sleeves pushed up, that’s how warm it was today. For those of you who have never been to our house, I am sitting in the most used room we have. We found out last weekend that the proper name for it is piazzale – 8 months out of the year we call it the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the study and the studio. Usually, January is not one of those 8 months, but today was.

And, given that we still have not resolved the pellet situation for the stove, it was a good 15 degrees warmer outside than inside.

In case you are worried that you will not be able to continue to follow the adventures of this knitting expat living on the side of a mountain in Italy because she freezes to death or had to burn the computer one night just to keep from freezing to death…have no fear. We do indeed have some heat. Unfortunately for us, fortunately for the electric company, it is coming from a space heater. We also have had the help of a couple of friends with some pellets this week. The great Danes let us take what they had from their living room (since they won’t be back until summer and probably won’t need them then). AND a couple really swell friends actually delivered to our door two bags that they got from a friend of theirs. Incredible. So, thanks to Chiara, Luigi, Mette and Teddy, we have had a several days of real heat this week. Last time David asked in a shop about when this problem might be resolved…”Ahhhh, by April, I’m sure.”



  1. I am sorry that I missed the "pig slaughter" story when posted. I assumed there would have to be a colorful description of the event. Well done again - i love reading your stuff! Wisconsin Weather has also been warm but ours is accompanied by rain. Envey the shortsleeve ourside look!

  2. Did you get my previous response? It said 0 comments and I know I sent a short note. Let me know