Sunday, May 28, 2006

It’s occurred to me that I haven’t really written anything very knitterly here on my knitting blog for a while. This is not for lack of knitting on my part. I assure you I have been knitting up a storm. The reason I haven’t been blogging about them is that 1. without photos, well, how interesting is it to read about projects?! 2. I can’t seem to pay attention to any one project long enough to have anything to say about it. In fact, here is a list of my current projects (which average out to about one new project started every 2 days since I’ve returned to Italy):

-- the never-ending quilt that I am knitting with the never-ending stash of bits and bobs that I received from my friend Natalie

--a snazzy little summer cardigan using a very soft and fun green variegated yarn that I found at my local yarn shop (there are two shops in town, one with an owner that never shuts up and one with a slightly advanced-in-years, one-toothed owner. I got this green treasure at the latter of the two. I prefer shopping with her. I get great delight from walking into her packed 5’x5’ store and being greeted by her from behind the counter, cigarette dangling from her lips.). This design is my own and will be available to you all as soon as the sweater is done.

--A doll made from the alpaca that was given to me freshly spun after freshly sheared off the alpacas of some friends of my parents – what a treat! The pattern is from an Interweave magazine.

-- 3 different pairs of socks (various patterns - a couple followed, one from my head)

--A wool sweater made from beautiful feeling yarn but in rather ugly colors. (My one-toothed smoking yarn lady was having a sale – I couldn’t help myself) The pattern for this is an adaptation of a Rowan pattern that I love. (I don’t feel like going upstairs to look up the particulars of the pattern…anyone who cares to know, leave a comment, I’ll get back to ya)

--a bag that I intend to felt. This pattern also comes from an Interweave Knits magazine.

This last item, the felted bag, brings me to the real reason for the lack of fiber blogs. You seen, while all this knitting is going on, so is general Maberga life with all its little dramas that are immensely more fun for me to write about. You know, wasn’t that fun when I wrote about the “black water tube” breaking? And that post about the switch? And the no water? Ok, I must say the truth… I have to have fun writing about them or else I might just go crazy trying to deal with them.

What does this have to do with the felted bag? Well, one of the afore-mentioned mini dramas hit my would-be felted bag project. I would have felted the bag but the washing machine broke. This was two days after I got the pellet stove fixed, which had not been functioning since about two days after we got the water heater fixed. Are you seeing the pattern here? Isn’t it funny?! I just have to laugh. Ha.

PS: I still haven’t resolved the computer problem completely. Earle-in-Denver, or any other technology inclined persons, please offer any techy advice that you have. We have tried several different anti-virus programs to no avail. Is it possible that we didn’t act quickly enough and our virus developed into the computer equivalent of terminal pneumonia?

Also, anyone who has insights or advice about what to look for in a new labtop, please comment.

This is all so funny, isn’t it?


  1. earleindenver5:29 AM

    Are you writing the blogs on your computer or someone else's? What state is your's in? Anti-virus should first scan your machine before installing or right after to start you off clean. Next you should update the definition file to check for new viruses. They come out every day. Other things from the Internet can effect the PC and you can get software to check for them also but with your slow connection I doubt that is the problem. I am honored to be mentioned in your blog. Good luck!

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