Wednesday, May 31, 2006

hair and left hanging...

Just a few updates…ya know, since I don’t really have anything else to write about tonight:

-- So, David and I decided to do some work on the house. We decided that after two years of living here having the upstairs and downstairs connected by, well, STAIRS would be a good thing. We also think that after two winters of making the 5’ x 5’* computer room downstairs into our bedroom because the 20’ x 20’* bedroom upstairs has such gaping holes between the stones of the walls that mountain winds nearly blow us out of bed* (in addition to the holes being convenient exits for all the heat from the wood stove…it seems a physics impossibility but air seems to flow in both directions through these holes at the same time. Incredible), it might be time to plaster the walls upstairs. We’re thinking we can do these projects - projects that will completely change our living conditions - for very little money. We are now at the point in the process where it becomes totally out of our control. We have started waiting for the construction guy to come to give us an estimate. He was supposed to come on Monday. Anyone want to place a wager on when he’ll show?

Current construction-guy-wait count: 2 days.

* indicates slight exaggerations

-- I gave myself a haircut today. I got a little carried away with the scissors but luckily I bought some cute flower and rhinestone adorned bobby pins at the Walgreen’s while in the US. I just pop a couple of those babies in my ‘do in strange places and say, “yeah, it’s supposed to look like that”.

-- On a knitting note, the green variegated cotton cardigan (I better come up with a better name for that thing) is almost finished. One sleeve, the button band and collar to go. When it is done I WILL find a way to post a picture. I must admit that this is the first thing I’ve done with variegated yarn (previously I shied away because it seemed too, I don’t know …70’s – and not in the good 70’s way…having said that I must admit that my idea of “a good 70’s way” might be different that a lot of other’s ideas). Anyway, I love the yarn but am puzzled by the difference in natural patterns resulting on the front, back, and sleeve. Will they “go together” when I sew the thing up? More to be revealed soon.

-- Other news…the washing machine is still broken, the computer is still contaminated but we have water, hot water, heat and the car is functioning. Shit. I probably just jinx us.


  1. EarleinDenver4:00 PM

    Two years, you've been there two years? Hard to believe. My guess is ten days for the construction guy to come by (based on books about Italy and France). With the weather improving maybe you can just move the bed to the front porch and sleep outside, looks like a great view. On the computer, can you just wipe it clean and start over? Maybe save files to disk and reformat it.

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