Friday, November 03, 2006

30% Alpaca, 100 % grocery store

I have to tell ya' all, I am having NO buyers remorse for having spent the food money on yarn. NONE!
First of all, check out that hat!!! Is that not the loveliest fez-style-looks-like-a-circus-tent-grocery-yarn hat you've even seen? (my own design, if you want the pattern, just ask, I'm happy to share)

Secondly, I realized last night, as this hat was growing, stitch by stitch in my hands, that I knit way better than I cook any way, so why not spend the food money on yarn. (although I did make an incredibily tasty cabbage with bacon and tomatoes for dinner - good, but not as good as the hat - 'specially the smell).

Thirdly, the fun I'm having taking my own picture wearing grocery yarn hats is worth eating cabbage for a week.

1 comment:

  1. Sign me up for one of those hats ??? or whatever they are.

    You are a funny woman. We are just in tears laughing at these blogs.

    Love ya,
    Wayne & Denise