Saturday, November 04, 2006

Go topless!

So, I could see my breath this morning – inside. The weather has really changed. David and I were sorely mistaken when, in the scorching heat of July we thought that just because the walls were smooth now the bedroom would be warmer. We were mistaken in thinking that just because it LOOKS like a bedroom, a room in which one sleeps sheltered from the elements, that we actually did anything substantial to keep the elements out. Nope, all superficial. When it’s 110 in a room it’s hard to imagine being cold in the same room, even though you’ve EXPERIENCED it for three consecutive winters.

The walls don’t drop bugs anymore since we covered the exposed stone but we really did nothing about the roof, the main source of the bedroom breezes. Roof tiles covered by bamboo are still roof tiles covered by bamboo which let in all the breezes. And of course, a vaulted ceiling is still a vaulted ceiling – a vault for rising heat.

To our credit, we did think a little about heat when we arranged the room. We thought it would be really smart of us to put the wood stove in the corner opposite and facing the bed. In theory this is a good thought.

But here is the reality

It was really optimistic thinking that the fire from that little stove of ours would pump the heat the 20 feet diagonally across the room to our bed without sneaking a rise up to the ceiling.

The good news is, is that since David has been gone I have been the mad-freakin’-hatter. Check these out!

And today’s addition to the Hatter’s collection….I’m calling it “Go Topless”

Yep, I've knit a hat that has no top. (perfect for that "fountain 'do" that I'm sporting today)

So, there you have it... I'm topless in the cold. Ain’t nothin’ better.

Ps. If any of you really were studying these pictures you might wonder why those chairs are on the couch in the wind/heat photo. The dog has taken to humping the cushins in with an energy I can't keep up with...this was my solution to keeping the couch from being repeated violated.


  1. bigsis4:00 PM

    Hey Lynn-- sorry no responses lately.. going back to the "Hi my name is Lynn..." Have you ever read the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? You totally sound like that story!! Next.. On to your heating problem. You KNOW that heat rises. You took Physics!! One bit of advise. You may want to try a Taiwanese Basket. Check it out. You could hang that puppy as close to the ceiling and to the warmth as you want!!! Getting up there may pose a little problem, but you're creative, figure it out! Love ya.

  2. oneofthedanes1:04 PM

    My, what a lot of nice hats. You´re good!

  3. EarleinDenver4:19 PM

    I don't know how you can sleep at night with all those scary yellow and blue lines zooming all around your bedroom. I guess they only appear in the cold and maybe at night since they weren't around during our visit. Hopefully the hats will protect you, did you make David a hat as well? My guess is that he will need one with a top.