Sunday, November 19, 2006

A little something missing

Something’s been missing from this blog...yeah, that would be ME. I’ve been missing. Sorry about that. I guess it’s only been a week but it seems a lot longer.

Contrary to what some of you (who know me) might be thinking, NO I have not been nursing a wicked doggie-wedding hangover (and just for the record, for those of you who don’t know me, I DO NOT pretend that my dog is a person and does people things like get married. I love him, AND he’s a dog….who happened to have gotten married last weekend, but anyway back to today’s blog…)

Something else has gone missing. That would be my appendix. Yep, just as I was packing my bags for a Thanksgiving trip back to the States for turkey and lasagna with my german-american/Italian-american family I was leveled flat to the couch with what I thought was “just a little gas”. After a couple of days of complaining, David decided it was time for me to go the emergency room to have my “gas” checked out.

5 days later I am missing:

--an appendix
--a flight to Chicago
--a week of bloggerly fun

But hell, I can’t complain. In return I got:
--3 lovely stitched up holes on 1 beautifully bloated belly (no photos, I promise)
--more blog material than any blogger could wish for from an emergency surgery and 5 day stay in an Italian state hospital.


  1. Lynn -

    Probably you should sell the rights to "Survivor: Italy." Glad you're among the living, but sorry that messed up your plans.

    Best. Kev & Cath

  2. EarleinDenver5:47 AM

    Glad to hear you are doing okay. There must be something going around, you are the third friend that had their appendix taken out last week. We will toast you at our T-day festivities.

  3. oneofthedanes1:19 PM

    So very happy to have you back on the blog. Will you go to the states later?
    Also very nice of you to check out hospital facilities in San Remo in case we´ll need it another time. When David goes there he just check out emergency room, not "have-to-be-here-several-days- facilities".
    And now STOP. No more surprises of that kind please!

  4. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Sorry for the pain you've had to experience. Glad that you're back home to heal. Love, Cindy