Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Metal vs Wool

I’ve noticed that there is a direct correlation between the amount of knitting I am doing and the amount of writing I do. I don’t know if it’s the repeated motion of stitch after identical stitch (I don’t knit much lace) that causes the story telling juices to flow or if it’s the sensation of the soft yarn running through my hands. Maybe it’s the clicking of the needles that makes me want to click the keyboard? Or maybe it’s just that when I’m doing a ton of knitting I’m alone and after a few hours I just gotta talk to someone, even a virtual someone. Perhaps this is true for all knitter. It certainly would account for the inordinate number of knitting blogs that exist.

As you can assume from that intro, I haven’t been knitting much lately. I’ve been making bracelets. No, I’m not planning on changing the name of the blog to Olive Beading any time in the near future. Mostly I’m not going to do that because well, it would be the end of the blog. It seems that I am using a different part of my brain when I’m working with glass and metal. Words don’t really spew whilst handling wire cutters. But I have become pretty prolific on the accessorizing front.

If you are an avid Olive Knitting reader, don’t worry I’ve got another baby blanket to knit before June. Of course the juices will flow again with that. And then there is that Denmark knitting jaunt in May…wait, I mean, I’m going to visit pal Mette in Denmark in May…we might do a little knitting.

Ps. Happy Easter and Buona Pasquetta. If I had been knitting at all I would tell you all about my wonderful mellow Easter when David and worked in the garden and had a bbq. And then I’d tell you about our 8 hour food and drink fest with neighbors Augusto and Lina on the day after Easter (Pasquetta – “little Easter”) that involved TWO separate meals in the same sitting. But unfortunately I don’t have anything to say because I’ve been bending wires not clicking needles.

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