Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mental Gymnastics

Friends, what’s happing to me? Today I went for a RUN and then I PUTTERED! Weird. Thus far my little experiments with physical activity and non-product-oriented activities have resulted in an amazingly increased amount of energy. All the time I’m losing by running and gardening, I’m making up 5 fold because I’m moving so much faster when I’m not doing them. Amazing. The other by-product of my new found activities is that my mind seems much clearer. It’s not so cluttered any more. That’s cool. I hate clutter, specially brain clutter.

There is one problem though, I have become fixated on one question. It just keeps popping back into my head. It came to me on my first jog, and now it won’t go away. My brain is not cluttered but it’s like there is one piece of pesky mail sitting on the kitchen counter and I don’t know where to file it.

The question…

Why do dogs sneeze when they lie on their backs?

If anyone can help me with the answer, I’d be really greatful.

In other interesting news: it is reader/commenter gift week here on Olive knitting. Don’t get excited, I’m not giving anything away – I’m receiving! Remember the house numbers and the chili peppers?

Well, I got this in the mail yesterday from commenter Mike Rowe. Thanks Mike! David and I are currently arm wrestling to see who gets to read it first. Given my new-found fondness for sport, I’m sure I’ll win.

In knitting news: this is about done. As soon as I’m done writing I’m going to go cast off. Just in time to don it in Denmark!


  1. Anonymous12:53 AM

    YTou're welcome!


  2. Anonymous12:54 AM

    You're welcome!

    I'm typographically challenged!