Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I might need to take up some sport.

My evidence: I’m wearing my jeans out. No, not in the knees. Nope, they aren’t fraying at the cuffs either. The zipper hasn’t broken and there are no holes in the pockets.

The butt. I’m wearing out my jeans in the butt. Could I be sitting too much?

Does anyone know of a sport that I can do that meets the following criteria?

1. No sweating. I hate to sweat. Getting sweaty and smelly are two things that are really low on my list of pleasurable sensations.

2. Won’t take away from my knitting, blogging, writing, beading time. Getting ready to do the sport, then going somewhere to do the sport, then doing the sport, then coming home, bathing, changing, and relaxing just won’t do for me. We’re talking about a lot of hats that won’t be knit, a lot of blog posts that will remain just ideas in my head, and books that (still) won’t be written.

3. Requires beautiful and colorful materials. Magenta spandex doesn’t count.

4. Doesn’t require new clothes or fancy equipment. Keep in mind that I don’t even own a pair of tennis shoes (unless you count my old pair of Jack Percells. Personally, I consider them to be more of a fashion accessory than sporting equipment).

5. No sweating. Just in case you forgot criteria number one. I don’t like to sweat.

Apart from the discovery that I need to do sport, I find this to be an excellent opportunity to try knitting myself a patch for my jeans (as first seen by this knitter on Mason-Dixon Knitting blog).
In fact…forget the sport. I’ll just keep knitting.


  1. bigsis3:15 AM

    Hey!! I think that's a great idea...just keep on knitting.

  2. Anonymous4:39 AM


    Try a bicycle. That is what I do. You can set your own pace, see a lot of the world, waste no energy resources getting too and from wherever--and the clothing can be as splashy as you want. Spandex not required (I would look ludicrous in spandex). Bikes are available in every price range. Making yourself into another Lance Armstrong is not required.

    Mike Rowe