Friday, August 31, 2007

4 Happies, A Congratulations and A Thank You

Happy Friday.

When one doesn’t blog for a while a few things are missed. This however doesn’t make them any less worthy of mentioning. As Emily Post, and my mother say…it’s never too late to send a thank you note (I am extending this to any type of correspondence that might require a Hallmark purchace). So….

Last week David saw the end of another year or, in more optimistic phraseology, the beginning of a new one. We celebrated in proper Maberga style by eating one of our neighbors. Many thanks to the fine goat who bravely gave his life (I’m grateful to say he didn’t have a name…or at least I never knew it) so David could marinate him, stew him for a week and we could eat him in honor of David’s life. Happy Birthday, David honey

Today, nephew Max is celebrating 17 years on this planet. Max dude, have a fun and safe day. Only one more year until you can … vote and go to war. Enjoy.

Today also marks 40-some years of wedded bliss for mom and dad. Actually I know that it’s 44 years that they’ve been together but I’m guessing not all 44 were actually “wedded bliss” (for example we can subtract right off the top those 4 years Laurie was in high school, I know they were hell for all of us). Hope you have a blissful weekend.

Last week pals Mette and Teddy acquired a new project. Congratulations, Guys! I know you will put your tasteful touch on the place and make it beautiful.

And last but not least…many thanks to Mary and EarleinDenver for these…

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  1. EarleinDenver4:31 AM

    Happy birhtday to David, hoping for many more. Mary also celebrated her 55th in Montana with our visit to the "Lake" country, Seeley/Swan valley.
    The New Mexican chiles look great and let us know how they taste when they graciously give their lives for a fabulous salsa.
    Looking good, hope you had a great summer.