Saturday, August 04, 2007


Oh, did I mention that we were in the hospital last Sunday? Hmmm…no, I don’t think I did.

David has a little cold, mostly it’s just a little cough. No, we are not being Italian wusses and running to the emergency room with every sniffle. Apparently Italians do this. It’s not an observation of ours, the doctors told us when David was at the emergency room a couple years ago because his head got in the way of the chainsaw cutting some branches. Did I tell you about the chainsaw meets head encounter? Hmmm…I don’t think I did.

Ok, one emergency at a time.

On Saturday, after two weeks of a cough that, from my point of view directly across from the cougher made me think that perhaps I will be the first woman in history to watch her husband’s head actually explode from natural causes (no gun powder assistance), David passed out from one of his coughing spells. He was having a little lie in when he started coughing. He sat up to ride out the fit when, boom, he just toppled over. Luckily there was a wooden footstool next to the bed to break the fall of his head (sarcasm). He ended up with a nice bruise on the right temple and cheek. Sunday morning…repeat performance. “Now are you ready to go see a doctor.”

Being the thorough group that they are at San Remo General…they kept him 3 hours to monitor him. They weren’t so concerned about his cough = passing out. Apparently that’s normal (whatever. I’ve never known anyone to cough so hard that they pass out). They were, however concerned about his head after the bump he took when passing out on Saturday. Hmmm….perhaps I shouldn’t have let him sleep so peacefully through the night?

So they monitored him by keeping him sitting on a bench outside the emergency room rooms, reading his magazine. They also checked his brain, his heart and some other stuff but mostly they just left him sitting there on the bench. Well, they’re the doctors, they know what their doing. They let him go with a prescription for antibiotics.

Skip ahead a week… David has 1. a horrendous cough, 2. a left eye in which the white has completely turned blood red making him look like something out of a B horror movie 3. two black eyes (we’re not sure how this happened), and 4. a couple antibiotic tablets left.

This is making the chainsaw thing seem rather tame.

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  1. EarleinDenver5:23 AM

    Ah, San Remo General, I remember it fondly. If I remember it right those benches are kind of hard on the butt. I also remember David having a cough when we were there last fall.
    Maybe the docs only make a major move when bloods involed, such as Mary's wound. I hope it doesn't come to that for David. Best of luck to David and I hope he listens to nurse Lynn.
    Earle & Mary