Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So Q had her little operation yesterday. She is now an official member of the “I ain’t never having babies” club. It wasn’t really her choice to join this club, but I think she’ll thank me some day. Well, I don’t care if she thanks me or not…I’m the owner.

When we went to pick her up our sandal-sportin’, Sonny Bono-look alike vet greeted us at the door. He was ready to get rid of Q. She was a great patient, apparently, but was not so fond of being alone on the tiny cage they put her in to convalesce. She cried for 4 hours. It wasn’t that she missed us or needed us or anything like that, when he let her out she gave us a quick nod and then started scoping out the place. She’s no cry baby, I guess she just thought she could wear them down (like she’s able to do to us every night at about 3 when she wants to have a run around the mountain).

Anyway, hippy-vet told us that everything went fine and that she will be good as new immediately.

Lynn: “any restrictions on her movement? She likes to run.”

Vet: “no problem! She can do anything!”

David: “Should we watch her diet?”

Vet: “no, no problem! She can eat whatever she wants. Really, she will be just like normal immediately. Just one thing, she can’t lick the stitches. They will come out.”

We must have looked a little frightened.

Vet: “Don’t worry! There are stitches INside, too. It’s not like her innards will just tumble out on the floor.”

Lynn, “No, it’s just that we have another dog too who is….”

Vet: “no problem! I’m sure he will leave her alone! ”

Yeah right.

On a completely unrelated note...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EM!!!! We all wish you were here to have a celebration dinner - Ruff has even learned the happy birthday dance for you! love ya.

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