Friday, April 25, 2008


Just before my stint here alone started, I hatched an idea for a new series of posts. These posts would be called "Look what I found in my house!" and each one would feature a stunning portrait of some new and interesting creepy crawly that I discovered somewhere inside my house.

In preparation I even photographed a fella (who I think came in with the sheets off the line). I actually made a whole photo shoot before I let him back outside...I got him in action, under a jar, on his feet, on his back, every angle was covered. I even put a piece of fruit next to him for a size perspective. Unfortunately for you all, David took the camera with him ... Fortunately for you all, I love playing with the Paint program on my computer (Ok, I don't really love it - actually I find it really limiting and frustrating, but it's all I've got) so I whipped you up a drawing.

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