Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Culture Clash Collection - chapter 27

I’m home alone. David made one of his 36 hour trips to Murano in Venice to buy me some beads. Driving home from work I decided that I wanted pizza for dinner - a good ol’ fashioned, American frozen pizza.

I ran into the supermarket, b-lined for the frozen food section. While passing ice mountains covered by fresh fish, carts and racks and bins of amazing handmade cheeses, and the mile long deli with every size, color, flavor, and age of prosciutto I remembered that I’d finished the potato chips at lunch. Having an hankerin’ for some sea salt and vinegar chips, I begrudgingly perused my choices - cheese puffs, 300gr bag of plain chips, 500gr bag of plain chips or peanuts. On my way back from the junk food aisle I passed the fruits and vegetables. Fresh artichokes, peppers, aubergines, multi-colored pears, tangerines… I thought of the poor puppies at home, closed in for two days since it’s been raining. I grabbed a bag of lemons.

Just about ready to head to the check out, I spotted a friend. I could see from the other end of the store Robbi’s buggie filled with all kinds of cheeses, meats, veggies, pastas, fruit juices, bottled waters. I looked down at the stash I’d collected – a frozen pizza, an extra large bag of chips, a bottle of wine, a box of gum and some lemons.

I hid.


  1. Bohring mama2:05 AM

    Olive - Sometimes one just needs a frozen pizza and chips -Somewhat like a #3 (double cheeseburge, fries and a diet coke).

  2. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Isn't pizza one of the basic food groups? Along with red and green jello, chocolate, peanut butter and jelly on white bread, ice cream and, of course, goldfish crackers.