Monday, April 28, 2008

a thank you note

Dear Mom,

YOU ARE THE COOLEST. That cable-down raglan sweater I asked you to knit for me is the best! It fits perfectly and that little extra I asked you to add to the sleeves is just right. The color, sunshine yellow...wonderful, and so functional, too. I definitely won't get run over while out wandering the Maberga road at night. This sweater is completely worth the 7 trips you had to make to the yarn shop to get the right magazine because I told you the wrong one.

I so totally hope that I inherited some of your knitterness, you know, in addition to those Moersch bad hips.

Would I be pressing my luck to ask for this?

many many thanks and much much love from your favorite daughter,


PS. The peanut butter cookies you added to the package with the sweater are, um, I mean, were awesome. THANK YOU.


  1. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Olive - Can not wait to see a photo of you in the bright yellow sweater. Enjoyed knitting it - really appreciate the kind comments!

  2. Presbytera12:46 AM

    Re: Your comment on Yarn Harlot's blog

    Just a tip -- you should be really, really careful about posting an invitation to stay on an Italian mountainside on the Internet.

    There's no telling who may see it *coughmecough* and feel entitled to respond.

    See you in the comments (since in my heart of hearts I know I will not be visiting your mountain).