Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Whenever people find out that David is traveling for work, I always -- always-- get the same question...

"Hai paura?" ask the Italians.

"Hast du angst? ask the Germans.

"Are you afraid?" ask the English...and the Danes...and the Dutch...and the Hungarian.

My answer is always,

"Di che cosa? Uomini o bestie?"

unless I answer,

"of what? men or animals?"

Then I proceed to say that, no I'm not afraid. The wild boar tend to stay outside and, well, if someone wants to come "get me" here, well, they will - no need to live in fear of this. And besides, this is much less likely here than a lot of other places. Plus, I've got these "lively" dogs.

After last night I might need to amend my response.

So, it's 11.30pm. I'm sitting on the toilet having my last-before-bed pee. And the power goes out.
Yep, I'm sitting there with my pants down, in the dark - figuratively AND quite literally.

My mind starts racing...

Why did the power go out?! We aren't having a storm.! There's no big wind. ! I'm not doing laundry, vacuuming, heating the bathroom and making toast. !!

Did someone cut the power?! Not possible.! The dogs would have said something about that. ! Wouldn't they?!

Where's the nearest candle?! Cool! There are two within arm's reach! Where's the nearest fire source?! Shit.! I have no idea.!

So I just sat there for a little while. Listening. I'm not exactly sure for WHAT but I sat listening all the same. No dogs barking, no cars, no footsteps, no breathing...except mine, of course.

Then the lights came on. Just like that. I finished my business, pulled up my pants, had a laugh at myself (or in relief) and tried calling David.

"Your credit has expired," says the perky digital babe on my phone, "please recharge your credit within 24 hours and receive bonus credits from your TIM provider!"

New response to the question....

"Are you afraid?"

"Well, only if the power goes out, I'm on the toilet, it's almost midnight, I don't know where my lighter is, and my phone has run out of money."

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