Friday, October 03, 2008

happy to report...

THAT...everything, if not already fixed, is on it's way to being so.

My car works a a dream without power steering (just for the record, it didn't have power steering before the flat tire and the other problems...which would make it not a big surprise that there is still no power steering).

David's car works perfectly...if you are David and out of town for work and have no need for your car until it comes out of the shop...which is where it is.

The DVD player is working brilliantly... since it is a different one. (Karen, we've never met but I love you already if you are sending me DVDs!).

The kitchen lights are working ...NOT! This will happen, in theory, when the electrician comes to ... do that thing that electricians do. Since he hasn't come yet, I can also report that the current STILL comes into our house via a multitude of extension cords. Albeit not asthetically pleasing, it does work. So, I mustn't complain.

Were there other broken things that I should update on? I can't think of them now. I do have a burnt out light bulb in the bedside stand but, well, if I blogged about that you'd all make the connection immediately how very INSIGNIFICANT all the other blogged stuff I'll just change that bulb and not tell you all about it.

have I mentioned before how I hate maintenance?

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