Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hello and Happy Wednesday.

Wednesdays have become very happy for me - Wednesday is Das Needle Club day. I am sad to report, however, that today was the last gathering for a while. Our host, Mette, is heading back to the land of the Vikings. The rest of us could, in theory, continue getting together without her - I mean, we do all have homes of our own where we could meet, but realistically speaking - it ain't gonna happen. I know we will all meet individually but as a group we are on hold until the return of our host and organizer.

In light of it being the last for a while, Mette went out of her way to make it...well...Holy.

Let me explain...

A couple of weeks ago Sjoekie gave us all starter batter for a "torta di Padre Pio". Padre Pio, if you are Italian or maybe catholic, is a household name. If you are neither Italian nor catholic you can read about him here. The torta (cake) is made with the starter which is given to you by a friend wishing to share with you the luck of Padre Pio. This starter is to be mixed with flour and sugar, it then sits for 10 days doing some chemistry or miracle (depending on your beliefs) and becomes a liquid batter which is put in the oven resulting in...


None of us are Italian, catholic, or even all that religious but still we figured any kind of outside luck couldn't hurt. With this in mind, Mette made the torta from Sjoekie's starter, timing it so it was ready for our last metting. She served it, appropriately with...what else,


These culinary treats combined with yarn, conversation, and all our knitted wears (which our organizer insisted we bring or wear) resulted in, well, a bit of holiness.

Some photos...

I'll miss you Ladies. Alla prossima...

PS. Thank you to Mike for pointing out the tech problem with yesterday's post. It should be corrected now. I tried a new way of posting photos...obviously it failed

PSS. Many many thanks yous to all who sent me birthday wishes!

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