Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hey, guess what I did yesterday.

I'll give you a clue.

Yep. Das Needles are working again since our organizer is back.

Actually, the better question is "guess what I learned yesterday". That's actually not a question but rather a command, an imperative. But you know what I'm saying...guess what I learned yesterday.

Here's the data leading me to what I learned...

Christine, knitter for about 7 months (is that right, Christine?), is making a baby blanket for a friend's grandchild. Said grandchild was born, I don't know, maybe a month ago. Christine has, well, a ways to go on said baby blanket. It might be finished to go with him to college.

Mette, knitter for um, well, like, um, well, maybe 40 years (is that right, Mette?), is making a baby sweater for a nephew's baby TO BE BORN in August. Mette has one sleeve left to knit.

So what did this teach me? I don't know, actually. Maybe something about new borns being warmer if only the whole world would have been knitting for thier whole life.

So...guess what I did today?!

I'll give you a involved tape, plastic tarps, brushes, paint, and a bit of fatigue (photos to come tomorrow when I'll be doing the same as today).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go to bed because the Timber Rattlers are playing at 2.05am my time and I must wake up to listen to the game.


  1. oneofthedanes8:44 AM

    Actually I have knitted for 43 years. And I already had made both sleeves. They were just on top of each other;o))Thanks for a great day.

  2. Timber Rattlers? At first I thought you meant mice running around on your roof and they kept you awake, then I re-read your text and figured they are a sports team, but which one? You should be watching the Rockies nowm they are doing great.
    "Guess what you were doing", my first gues was knitting but the tools didn't match. Then remembering the bit about "watching cement dry" jogged my memory. Good luck I am sure it will look great when it's done.