Monday, June 22, 2009

Maberga Mass '09

window flowers

Those of you who have been reading here through the years will remember that toward the end of June every summer (almost every summer) all people with a connection to Maberga - young and old, new and native make their way (OUR way) up to the village of Maberga for mass in the church.

The village, once the home to a convent of nuns (about 400 years ago), became the investment property of two brothers called Lanteri(about 200 years ago) who, in turn, spawned a whole group of people called the Maberghini.

real maberghini

The native Maberghini are also all called, since they come directly or indirectly (mostly directly) from the brothers Lanteri, well, Lanteri. Yep, as of about 30 years ago when Maberga was at its thriving best as a village of 11 families - or shall I say 11 households but one family - they all had the same last name.

Of course times change even in Maberga. Like Coloradans, the native Maberghini are now out-numbered by the new comers who want a little piece of the good life.

view from Maberga

In a village that was once all Lanteri, there are now Verti, Januzzi, Lazzi, and, even a couple of Cornwells (I have a sudden and thorough understanding right now as to how ethnic surnames in the US become bastardized through generations by immigrants trying to fit in to an adopted culture as I have a sudden and overwhelming urge to change our name to Cornwelli or maybe Cornwallo, maybe Cornwellini.)

As I was saying, each year all of us come here...


inside church

where we all say hello to him...


just before he does this...

mass inside church

and we do this...


until we all do this...



La Carla with salami

ladies eating

boys talking


until we say good bye...

shaking priest's hand

until next year.


  1. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Gosh, wish I had been there to greet all of the Maberghini and
    the Cornwalli's - Looks like a hoot. What no slaughtering of farm animals and washing of entrails ?

    Miss ya,


  2. Anonymous2:55 PM

    very nice blog!!!my father cicciò the first photo and my ucle donato!!very nice so funny see them on these photos!

    loredana lanteri