Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Have I been neglecting this blog or what? Sorry about that.

Do you want the excuses? Ok, no. I don't want to give them either. If they were anything good, well, I'd have been WRITING about them!

Not exactly true (ie: I've been writing lazy)...

For example at the last Das Needle meeting, Mette decided that we should celebrate my birthday. That's cool, isn't it? She surprised me with this

How great is that yarn? I felt really honored (and well understood in that she found the strangest, funkiest yarn possible and thought of me). That's so nice. And the basket was made by Mette. Beautiful.

She gave it to me in her very cool new studio space.

(a little note: can you see that spigot in the wall behind us there? Guess what comes out of that spigot? I'll give you a clue...it ain't water)

And Christine made me an upside down pineapple cake.

At this same gathering we all got to goggle over some FOs. Mette made this awesomely cute dress (yes, I was a little bummed that it wasn't in my size and therefore not another birthday gift for me)

And Natalie finished this whopper (which you can tell from her joy wearing it, it wasn't for me either, damn)

On a different day that I was ignoring you guys, pals Andrea and Natalie took me to the Lago Verde (green lake). Awesome. This is where I'm going to spend my real birthday when, as you may or may not know I will be spending (voluntarily) alone. Sorry that the photos suck.

Here are the woods you walk through to get to the lakes.

The view is 360, indescribable, and really quite impossible to photograph. Here's just a hint.

I'll try to do better with the photos next time. While we were there this time we saw some tadpoles becoming frogs

When you see that, it's really hard NOT to picture your own original sperm sprouting some legs that become the ones you walk on. It's weird, really.

Perhaps you all are thinking that I'm, maybe, weird. Look at this photo and tell me you don't start thinking about sperm

Ok, now I've digressed from my birthday to sperm...maybe not such a big digression...anyway...let's not go there.

So, the other stuff that I've been doing in the time that I've been ignoring you all, has been cleaning, and organizing and cleaning, ordering and inviting, and...well tomorrow I leave for Tuscany. I'm going to meet up with David and his kids, Emily and Graham. We are all converging on Tuscany to begin the celebration of David's 50th birthday. We'll spend some days cycling (ok, ok, ok...no, I'm not cycling. I'll be knitting and reading, maybe blogging, by day and then spending evenings with the cyclists). Then we'll be back to continue the celebrations at our home.

Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous1:38 AM

    Have a wonderful 40th L! I am so thankful for reconnecting with you and all your adventures. Here's to 40 more adventurous years!


  2. Lago Verde looks beautiful.
    And yes, the tadpoles do look like sperm.
    40 was a great year for me--I am sure it will be for you too.