Saturday, August 29, 2009

a travelling knitter's improvise

So I was in Nice checking in for my flight to the mom and dad's house in Wisconsin, to be specific.

I made a newbie knitter mistake.

"I have some knitting needles. Will they take them away from me at security?"

Slight confusion on the flight attendant's part. Her English was impeccable but there are certain vocabulary that probably don't pop up every day.


I showed her my mini circular.

"Yeah. You could definitely hurt somebody with those. They'll take them. Put them in your checked bag ma'am."

After slight confusion on my part, I put the needles in my checked bag.

She told me I could carry on my yarn, though.

I had a 2 hour transfer wait in Munich. My fingers got a little restless. I improvised

By the time they brought me my pretzels, I had this


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  1. oneofthedanes8:17 PM

    Do you rememberwhen I was in the hospital? You made a doll with glasses a a pair of needles. The needles were toothpicks. They are exellent to knit clothes for dolls with. Have you tried that? It also takes a long time, which is what you have when you fly overseas. Enjoy your vacation, dear.