Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mambo Italiano

Can anybody think of a way to show off your vacation photos so that they are some what, remotely, maybe kind of, interesting for others to look at?

Yeah, me neither.

Truth be told, however, I do personally love seeing other people's holiday photos. I find them totally fascinating. Particularly when I don't know anyone in any of the photos.

I also like other people's wedding photos...but let's keep on track photos.

Seeing photos of a trip I didn't go on is fun as long as you don't have to hear all the "it was SOOOO funny" stories that go along with them. I just don't care and yeah, it's really true, "you had to be there" for all holiday stories.

Given MY preferences (given it's MY blog), here are some snap shots - no captions, no stories, no explanations.

Hey! I know! Let's make a game of it. Free pair of hand knit mittens, socks, or hat (your choice) to the best captions or invented stories that go along with any one of the photos. Rules of the game are like this: You all write something funny or interesting or philisophical, or whatever about one of the photos, send it to me via email or the comments. Then, I'll be the judge (remember? MY blog). Then I post the winners and send these lucky folks whatever wooly goodie they want. Doesn't that sound fun?

Do keep in mind that all the people in the photos are my family so don't be nasty (all family except for the really tall girl, we just picked her up along the way but she's really nice so don't be nasty to her either).

An Italian Adventure...

(Just in case anyone reading today is new new new to Olive Knitting...the holiday was the long awaited celebration of my husbands 50th birthday that involved his really great kids coming all the way to Italy for the two week long festivities)


  1. oh... looks like you had so much fun... and the sunflowers... i LOVE that photo:)

  2. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Gosh, it's pretty hard to pick out David's kids! Looks like you were in Sienna for the beeeeg celebration and horse race, what fun that must have been. Working on the captions now.