Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ha ha ha

There's been some kind of cosmic joke and Casa Maberga is the butt.

Water has been falling from the Mabergese sky for going on 2 weeks now. So much water that it's been shape shifting just to keep life interesting. A couple of days we had solid water. A lot of days we've had liquid water. And then, tossed in every third day or so is a vapor day, like today. The fog is so thick today that going for a walk soaks you to the bone. I went for a walk this morning until I heard the hunter's first shot and figured, well, pea-soup fog and gun fire is not an experience I need to have.

Water has been running down the road like it were a river. The ground is so saturated it seems we've gone on holiday to the Everglades. The front patio has grown a velvety green fence-to-fence carpet of moss. Our roses are in bloom. Poor Mario down the road, you know, the guy with the wooden house, has had two-thirds of a very large stone wall on his property collapse under the weight of wet earth.

It's a lot of water.

Here's the punch line...two days ago we noticed that there was no water in our water reserve up on the land and that no water was coming into our vasca. There's water in the trees, there's water in the ground, and on the road, there's water running in under the door, and hanging on the clothesline, there's water on the cat. There's water everywhere - everywhere except in our vasca.

Isn't that funny?

PS. I know, I'm taking it down to the more day, one more post. Will I make it?!


  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Thank God, I was going through withdrawls. Is that subtle enough?

  2. Anonymous7:21 PM

    oh... sorry, Annonymous=Carrie.... not a blog stalker...

  3. Anonymous9:28 PM


    Wow, right down to the wire. I expect to see something special for New Years Eve! Maybe fireworks.

    I might even be able to dig up a web link for ya.

    Hope it stops raining, hope you two
    have a wonderful Happy New Year
    and maybe in a couple of weeks, you will get off the mountain.


  4. Better get that last post in tonight, the forcast for tomorrow is sunny and I bet you will be out and about.
    Happy New Year to all.