Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A rainy Wednesday in Maberga. A very cold rainy day in Maberga.

Doesn't that just make you want to potato print things? Yeah, me, too!!!!

1. Maberga Designs Christmas cards going out to a few special customers. Yes, thank you, I DO realize that Christmas is in one week and that they have a long way to travel AND I'll be utilizing the amazingly efficient outfit known as the Italian post. But what the hell? It's Christmas, if you can't have hope and blind belief at this time of the year, well, forget about if for the other 11 months, you're screwed.

I've hung a pair of earring on each card so they look like little ornaments hanging from that potato print tree. I doubt that the recipients will have nearly as much fun receiving them as I did making them. Too bad for them.


The keen observer noting the elephant printed on that sheet will guess that I've branched out from mere potatoes this time. Or the keen observer might think that I've really made progress in my skills with the exacto knife on a potato. Oh no, I haven't. That elephant stamp was a gift from pal Mette after she saw the star skirt last summer. That Mette...shucks. She's always so good at taking my craft to new levels. The big yellow blobs came from an apple. I was hoping it would look like the elephants were following a star but instead it looks like a bunch of elephants printed on a sheet with a bunch of big yellow blobs.

Well, that's all the news from Lake Maberga where the woman is nuts, the man smokes a pipe and the dogs are above average.

PS. With today's, I will have posted 96 times this year to OliveKnitting. I'm shooting for 100. Think I can do it? That's just four posts in like a couple weeks - NO PROBLEM!!!


  1. I thought I recognized the elephant from our birthday sign this summer, it looks like it will be a cool skirt :)

    The cards look really nice, too!


  2. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Only 4 more posts, let's see only 2so far in December, Hmmmmm Can it happen ? Been going into Maberga withdrawel these last 2 weeks. Good to hear from you. Better start thinking about getting those tomato plant started in the kitchen window. Spring is just around the corner.