Friday, January 29, 2010

The people in my neighborhood..

Meet Ambra.

She invited me to play in her studio with her. Maybe I invited myself, I don't remember. She's a mixed media artist, and a clothes designer, and a blogger, and a mom, and probably a bunch of other things that I will find out when she comes to play in my studio. She made these...

I want to make some of those. She's also working on this...

She taught me some stuff, showed me some materials, and then said the magic words "just try it. you're free to do whatever you want."

Don't have to tell me twice...

It's called an "altered book". If you aren't familiar with the concept here it is in a nut shell: you take a book and you alter it. Pretty much like the name implies. A little more specifically, you alter it by painting, gluing, cutting sewing, stamping, glazing the pages. I'm going to use my altered book experiment/experience to practice ... so some day maybe I can make some of these...

Meet a birthday girl.

After playing with Ambra on Wednesday I got to play with Das Needle gals on Thursday. Mette had had a birthday so we had to celebrate.

With some birthday hats:

And a viking shipful of crab cakes

And some singing and cake

And, of course, some knitting

(Mette's knitting an "apple tree" blanket from Rowan. It's really lovely.)

And some finished objects

(Natalie's FO..."the wonky hat" as she calls it. It' wonky, in a lovely sort of way.)

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