Monday, March 01, 2010

a little goes a long way....

I was thinking yesterday, as a neighbor was burning his olive branch trimmings in a gale wind storm, "hmmm....that seems a little dangerous to me. I wouldn't do that but I trust him. He knows what he's doing."

I muttered this thought aloud to David adding, "if YOU were out there burning on a windy day like today, every Italian in a 100km radius would be up here to tell you it was a bad idea, dangerous and, possibly, that you are just a really stupid American."

It's a lack of trust. The country farmer Italians in the area, aka: most of our friends and neighbors, just don't have a lot of trust in David's skills and knowledge of working the land. I don't know why? Could have something to do with that time he slashed his head with the chainsaw while trimming the cherry tree, but who knows?

And what the Italians lack in trust of David's knowledge of nature, well, multiply that by 9, divide by 5 and add 32, and that will get you some where close to their monumental lack of trust of my abilities in the kitchen.

So, I am just as pleased as pleased can be to announce that, after 6 years in relationship building, we had our pals for a bit of Mexican dinner...



  1. Hi! I'm Heather, Ambra's friend. I wanted to congratulate you on making Mexican food and feeding it to your Italian friends! When I visited Amb last summer, we had Mexican one night and sushi another. One our two day trip to France, we indulged in Mediterranean mussels one night and Indian the next. The last night before my departure back to the US, Fab said, "You should eat something homemade and Italian before you leave Italy." How about that? What a concept! Anyway, you go! That is the beauty of American food culture--the variety!

  2. yes, that is dangerous!!!