Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring hasn't arrived yet. I don't understand this really. I'm reading blogs from everywhere, in climates way colder than my Italian Riviera's, in which the authors claim that spring has sprung there. What's up with that? My theory is that these other bloggers just have a lower standard for what spring is. Spring for me is a state of mind, which is normally brought on by sun and warm weather, walks on the beach and in the fresh green mountains. Well, I can't wait around for that other stuff to trigger my springy mind so I've decided this year it will go the other way. I'm going enter the spring zone in brain and hope all the other stuff will follow.

So, I've immersed myself in all things yellow...

It can't hurt, right?


  1. We had some yellow in the yard and then a foot of snow. Then it melts, very yellow sun, and the flowers come back, then it snows another foot. Crazy spring for us too.

  2. Yellow is my favorite color. Cindy

  3. Nice Post