Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Big plans lead to big results

Whether my state of mind has caught on or not the calendar says it's spring which means David is back on the road. Back in Tuscany for work...poor guy.

As has become my day one of the alone-on-the-mountain season ritual, yesterday I completely cleaned the house top to bottom and rearranged the furniture. So today, day 2, I woke up fully prepared and brimming with enthusiasm to dive into the list of house projects that I have been accumulating throughout the winter. The list was really fun to compile. It made me feel like I was doing things all winter even though I was only thinking about doing things. The list has about 46 rather large items on it.

It seems that in the long, cold, rainy winter months I spent a lot of time staring at the walls because I listed painting each and every room in the house. I must have spent a bit of time also staring out the back windows of the house because I made lots of plans for the shed in the back yard including cleaning it out (it's so packed and such a mess that we can't even open the door. I also had the brilliant idea of plastering the raw brick structure. Yeah, that will happen. The garden also shows up prominently on the list as does cleaning (again...or STILL) our terraced land.

So, all geared up and ready to go...it rained. Big rain. Painting? Nope. Gardening, no way. Building more stone walls? Not today. What's a girl to do? What else?

I paper mached some Easter eggs.

Yeah, ok, I know. They look more like Easter potatoes. Pink and yellow Easter potatoes.

I also finished this.

That's the granny hex. Turned out a little better than the potatoes, I mean, eggs. And, as it turns out much more useful on a day like today.


  1. Hi Lynn,

    Your afghan is gorgeous! I love your choice of colors.

    Lois in Cincinnati

  2. oneofthedanes9:05 AM

    CONGRATULATIONS You made one of the most beautiful afghans I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot. You are very skilled. lady! Proud to call you my friend.