Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's the coolest damn thing. You wake up on the day before you are having guests and your house is TOTALLY CLEAN, spotless, like I'd-eat-off-the-floor-and-you-have-dogs clean. That's just freakin amazing....

Yeah yeah yeah...thanksgiving planning at Casa Cornwell continued today with me brandishing the mop, vacuum, and dust rag for about 10 hours straight. How is that possible in a 900 square foot house, you ask? Actually, right now I'm asking myself the same thing. Let's do the math...

umm...ok, let's not.

Trust me, it took all day to clean my house. Thank goodness David did the last minute shopping and then cooked for, well, 10 hours straight.

We're having 8 people for dinner. I wonder what my folks are doing given that they will be hosting somewhere around 45 people on the 25th.

On a related note I'd like to report that our turkey arrived's a girl and she weighs a bouncing 6.7 kilo. do the math, I'm too tired.

If you're passing by Maberga tomorrow around 3, stop in. I think we'll have enough.


  1. Isn't it just great--those few moments when everything looks and is perfect. Have a great evening!

  2. Wow! This is a milestone. Lina cooking Turkey - It's almost like having city water. BTW has that happened ?
    Sure do miss your blogs. We'll stop by for some Thanksgiving feasting while we're in Maberga, NOT! Have a great trip back to the mother country.

  3. We would love to be able to stop by but since we are in the US we probably won't make it, sorry. I know what company means, a crazy house cleanup, I think that is why Mary invites people over.
    Have fun - EarleinDenver