Friday, November 19, 2010

So we were sitting in a restaurant last night, having some din and listening to some music with a couple of our Thanksgiving participants. They were Maberga virgins before last Sunday, now they can't get the place out of their minds.

In fact, the husband was talking all about his journey to the top of the world for American thanksgiving at work the other day. His colleague says, "yeah. I know Maberga! Ya know how it got it's name?"

Here's his story.

During the Roman times, Taggia (the town at the bottom of the mountain, our mother town, if you will) was a prosperous, reputable town (not that it isn't now, but I guess it was more so then...2000 years ago). Being an honourable, high class place, Taggia needed a place where they could send their know in the same way England needed Australia.

So these unwanted misfits were banished to a place far away in the mountains where they had to fight the elements and search for water and grow their own food. They called this place Mal Bergo, which of course in Latin means "the bad town" or maybe "the town of the bad" or, you know, something like that (my latin isn't what it used to be).

Over time, it's become known simply as Maberga...home to misfits who fight the elements, search for water and grow their own food.

Thanksgiving - Mal Bergo style

I'm just kidding. That's a 5 star hotel somewhere in Piedmont.

Ours looked like this


  1. How very cool! Really wonderful. :) Well, you've brought the area back to the good with your presence up on the hillside. Do you think they will rename the area the "town of the good" because you are there now?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving ! Looks like
    the Maberga festivities went well.

    Loved the story and agree with Lois
    that it should now be called:
    Bene Berga !!

    Have a great trip to the homeland.


  3. So I know you are half way around the world and many time zones away, but why is Thanksgiving already over? Did I miss it? Oh, oh - our guests are showing up tomorrow, Thursday - should I cook the turkey that's been languishing in our freezer for 2 weeks or tell them it was all a mistake, that Thanksgiving is already over?

    Happy Days Dave & Lynn, miss you.

  4. oops, earleandmary forgot to sign: Love, mary