Thursday, February 24, 2011

A bit of Thursday randomness...

1. In the past couple of weeks I've been in more official offices than I have in the previous 8 years living here combined. Ok, that's probably an exaggeration but, well, it FEELS like that. Anyway, after every new visit I leave the just visited office feeling shocked, amazed, dumbfounded, frustrated, excited, confused, amused, and I'm invariably laughing. I've come to realize that Italy and my husband have a lot in common - I don't understand how either of them function but I'm frequently awed and always entertained and I love them both.

2. I have just one thing to say...crayon rings.

These little beauties are still in their incubation phase, but I know they've got potential!

Perhaps my need to break, melt, and carve perfectly good children's drawing materals into fashion accessories has something to do with number 1.


  1. How very pretty! How will you use these as fashions? Earrings?

  2. Love the colors and the medium. Of course, I am a kindergarten teacher.