Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snow Day 2011

So I was talking with my family in the American midwest last night. They were all home...both my parents, my niece, nephew, sister and brother-in-law. All of them house bound because of the monster snow that's fallen.

Here in Liguria monster illness has been falling. Every little english learner I've seen in the past 2 weeks has been home sick with fever. Great. I wonder if their moms think that my American immune system is big and strong and plentiful, like my home land. Well, it's not. Now I too am feeling a little under the weather, so to speak.

In an act of family solidarity I declared today a snow day in Maberga, too. You know, just to be supportive.

Snow Day 2011 activities in Maberga included opening every door and window for a massive spring cleaning, washing every bit of cloth that is worn, sat on or slept in, playing with the doggies on our (almost) clean land, and picking flowers. It's about 50 degrees here with brilliant blue skies and a wonderfully warm sun.

Snow days are great.

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  1. I am so jealous, it's cold and cloudy in Denver today with a touch of snowflakes.
    Hope you feel better tomorrow, the nice weather should help.