Thursday, February 03, 2011

So, I've recently been sent two videos that I feel the need to share and compare. One is French and the other Italian. Thank you Ambra and Uncle Mike (you guys who don't know Ambra and Uncle Mike can guess who sent me what).

Before you watch these videos I'd like to interject that there is a huge rivalry between the French and the Italian, particularly in the region where I live. For the Italians the French are the "bastard cousins". Ok, yeah, every country seems to have a rivalry with France...or maybe most every country just doesn't like the French. In our area it's heightened by the fact that the French, in close proximity, used to be Italian. It was a WWII deal that gave a bunch of Italian land (and people) to the French. A more learned historian than I could explain the reasons for this, I just know it as fact. So the Italians hate the do the Belgians, the English, the Americans, and well, it seems everyone.

Please don't get me wrong, I personally don't hate the French. I'm really not prejudice, some of my best friends are French.

So, what can we glean about the French and the Italian people from these two parallel videos?



Really all I can see is that Italians seem to have more rhythm. But I'm open to other observations.

PS: Wayne, two posts in one day! How about that! Yes, David is on the road.


  1. Oh My! I am impressed. I was getting used to the one or two per month and forgot to check back for a couple of weeks!
    Been deathly cold here in San Diego
    Down to 40 at night and 70 during the day. We're expecting 80 for Super Bowl Sunday. Love the blogs
    Wayne & Denise (TFC)

  2. Well, gee, the Italian version certainly looks happier! ;)

  3. I got bored with the French one and stopped it half way through. The Italian one was much more interesting and I watched the whole thing. So do the videos mean anything more than two videos, I doubt it.