Tuesday, April 26, 2011


How 'bout some Tuesday randomness? Ok.

1. Thanks to everyone who's been worried about my Ruffino who ate a half bag of fertilizer (NO ONE!). He seems to be fine.

2. CAVOLO! That means cabbage. It's also the polite way of saying the swear word "cazzo" in Italian, which means dick. Cavolo is used much like "frick" is used in english for its harsher counterpart "f#ck". For this blog post I mean cavolo in the literal sense, since I planted some...cabbage, that would be.

I also planted some lettuce and zucchini. It's a start.

3. Nothing can put a girl off her dinner like glancing across the kitchen while eating to find this creeping up the wall above the stove.

What the cavolo is that?!

4. I have a new answer to that question Italians continue to ask me: WHY did you move from AMERICA to live in MABERGA? Are you nuts?! (I guess that's two questions). In reverse order, my new answer is this: Yes, probably. And because here I can wake up on a random Tuesday in April and while my dogs are running free on the mountain side I can sit in the middle of the road drawing the sun shining through the petals of a poppy."

Happy cavolo Tuesday.


  1. Yes, Ruffino looks just fine. The Orto looks good too.
    Hope to see you soon.

  2. Che cavolo! Nice work, Lynn
    About thecreep; in english it is called millepede, does that ring a bell about language?
    About your beautifully drawn poppy, At first I read it as morning happy and maybe that is just what you were. Drawn with your left hand as usual?
    One day I hope you will make a drawing for me. I like them a lot.
    If Ruffino choose to eat fertilizer it must be because there is something good in it, haha

  3. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Oh Lynn when did I last tell you i love you? Every time I come to this happy virtual place I just laugh and laugh. Your humor and funky rosy are glasses come through so well. xo