Friday, April 15, 2011

Some days are just better than others...

Like today, for example.

It started this morning with sun on the mountain and a walk with the dogs.

Then I got to have an art play date with my friend which we decided chatting (even a little about art) and drinking coffee was more important. (I'm sorry to say that I didn't make any photos of Christine's beautiful house with the sweetest garden, a whole zoo of animals and a 270 degree sea view. Going to Christine's is a treat on many fronts.)

Then this evening I heard that David will be coming home tonight.

And, the cherry on the top of my day...

I discovered that Italy now sells light beer. Ok, so it's Tuborg Light, but this means that Bud light can't be far behind. We Americans always follow the lead of the Danes.


  1. :)
    so true... but if you can have some beer... all ends well ;)
    (i for instance cannot drink :( )

  2. An "art play date." What a wonderful way to put it.

    Beer is good. :)

  3. oneofthedanes8:55 AM

    Beer is good; Tuborg is better! Of course I am paid to say so, being the dane that I am. :o)
    Did I ever tell you and Christine about Art Clay? It is a kind of soft material, that you can form in any shape, burn it over a flame and you are left with a silver or gold ring of your own design. Rather expensive, but what isn`t?
    So nice to have someone to play with. Looking forward to play with you guys again.
    By the way, my mail does not function. That might be the reason, that I haven´t answered, haha

  4. Three blogs from Lynn in quick succession. WoW !
    Now, that's a treat on any day.