Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hang in with me...

So, in the past 5 years I've found a lot of excuses for my lapses in regular blogging. I have a new one.

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

Any of you guys read it? I'm reading it in paperback and it's been waiting for me on our shelves for a couple years already, so I can safely say it's not a new release. If you haven't read it you should. (a little advice...try to get it on your Kindle or ipad...the f#&^$^er is a tome and I've nearly knocked my self unconscious several nights as I've fallen asleep while reading). It's a very compelling story but it's not late night reading sessions that are keeping me away from's embarrassment.

It's the story of a guy's life in India after he escapes prison in Australia. Without giving too much of the story away, let me just say that this dude faced some stuff that, when I sit down to write here, just makes me feel like the biggest wimpy wuss who ever lived and was shameless enough to write about it.

Yeah, ok, so he invented a lot of his story but still...

Other things keeping me from posting:

1. The orto. I'm just kidding. I haven't done sh*#t on that yet this year.

2. The on-going repairs to my car. I wish I were kidding about this one, but I'm not. My beloved Fiat 500 has been experiencing a series of minor ailments which have caused 2 -3 trips per week to the mechanic over the past several weeks. The latest one... I drove home from a party the other night realizing that my headlights didn't work... again. You may wonder how my car troubles affect my ability to blog...they just do. Trust me on this, ok?

3. All the knitting I'm doing! I finished the "ironic poncho" and love it (although, still feeling that my irony is usually lost on most Italians, I don't wear the poncho outside of Maberga). Photos to come. And then I've started a new project which is a secret so I just can't tell you about it.

4. Sitting around staring at all the projects that I did last year that need to be REDONE this year. I hate maintenance. Although, once I get past the paralysis caused by my realization of what needs to get done, I will have a lot of blog fodder.


  1. Oy, veh! It's always something!

    Just kidding. Sometimes we just aren't in the mood to do something and sometimes that something can be blogging. It's fun to read what you write when you are here, though. :)


  2. A neglected orto is not a good thing. Maybe you should get a scooter, much simplier than the Fiat.

  3. oneofthedanes8:54 AM

    Hey, just read that Johnny Depp was supposed to play the main roll in Shantaram. But the whole project about the film was cancelled in 2009. Luckely the book is translated into danish and is on sale right now (10€). Thanks to you, I have a good book for my first danish summer in 9 years.