Saturday, June 18, 2011

Life in Maberga

Someone decided that it would be fun or funny to dismantle the water tubes from the aqueduct to Maberga. That's just freakin' hilarious, no? No. No, it's not.

Casa Cornwell has been without running water since Wednesday. WEDNESDAY. A little reminder, today is SATURDAY. I smell really good.

Wednesday evening, after "working" for 3 hours in the orto with Augusto I came back to the house looking very much forward to a hot bath. Opening the tap, I noticed my aqueduct pressure was not present. There was a small trickle coming out. "Hmmmm?"

Knowing that Augusto left my orto to go up to the neighbor to have a beer, I called him.

L: "Augusto?"

A: "Si"

L: "I don't have water in my house. Is someone doing work? Did they shut it off?"

A: "No."

L: "Hmmmm?"

Augusto came by. He checked all the same things I had already checked at my house. Everything here is fine.

8.30 next morning I get a call.

A: "Ciao, Lina."

L" "Hi, Augusto. What's happening?"

A: "Someone has fu#&^d us"

As it turns out, the tubes that connect the city water with the Maberga tubes have been cut. WHO WOULD DO THAT?!

Just a little aside here....would any of you readers EVER think of someone cutting off your water supply, just for fun? EVER?

Well, it's happened here in Maberga.

By disconnecting a tube, the big containers that fill, through which our water passes, were completely emptied. We aren't talking a vasca ala my swimming pool, we are talking big big big vascas. Two of them. Empty. Which means that not only do we not have water but that we now will be paying for the water lost from the vascas, as well as all the water that was continuing to pump through a non-connected tube when we didn't know it was disconnected, plus the water to refill the vascas.

The vascas are now full and we still don't have water flowing into our houses. This is some serious sabotage. I hope this trickster had a really good laugh.

Did I mention that these tube are on the top of the mountain? The TOP. One has to be determined or highly motivated to do something like this.

So now it's Saturday afternoon and I still don't have water. I've been washing, myself and everything else, by the garden hose, which is attached to the swimming pool vasca. This, of course, is the one that is systematically emptied...and that the dogs swim in.

I have a dinner party to go to tonight. I'm thinking about calling to see if I can arrive early and have a shower before dinner.

Life in Maberga.


  1. Mike in Boulder5:39 PM

    It's probably metal thieves, Lynn. Scrap metal prices are at a nearly all-time high. Here in the States, almost anything metal can and will be stolen. Manhole covers. Copper wiring from locomotives. Overhead wiring from light rail systems. Railroad rail. Highway guard rails. And on and on. If it isn't firmly buried and its metal, it's at risk of being stolen and sold for scrap. Sorry the thieves hit you where it really hurts--your water supply.

    Mike in Boulder

  2. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Again - Gianna ????

  3. That is just awful, Lynn. It does sound more malicious than someone having a joke at your expense. If Mike is right, they'll be back as soon as everything is replaced ?
    Time for a moat and crocodiles or equivalent something ?
    So sorry you and your neighbors have to deal with that.
    Love and hugs.