Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hi Friends,

My dad has recently asked for some photos of my garden. He wants to see if the grape vines will reach 100% this year. Since I haven't posted in a while, I figured I'd share these photos also with you guys. As always, wagers are welcome for whether we will reach 100% coverage on our pergola with the grape vines this year. As those of you who have been following....David predicted 5 years ago that we would get 100% coverage that year, well...

Here's June of 2011:

Be careful when you are making your bets. June foliage is about as foliage-ish as it gets. So, a little clue to you, if we aren't there in June, we won't get there by August. Look closely at the photos before you place your bet.

So, Dad, here are the photos. As I did for mom, letting her know about her mother's day non-gift before mother's day just in case I forgot....which, as it happens, I did forget, here is your father's day gift. Photos of my garden. Wow. This must be so disappointing. So good that you guys made two kids.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm going to Venice. Some friends, really really good friends, are coming to stay with my dogs so I can go shop for beautiful glass beads and see my husband for our anniversary. Which means, of course that this weekend I'm cleaning my house to a level that I never know when I'm staying here myself. Photos to come...of Venice, of course, not of my house being clean.


  1. The foliage looks lush. I wouldn't dream of wagering with Mother Nature (nor her helpers :). I know who's in charge !
    Grape leaves are so beautiful, aren't they. I inherited some vines when I moved into this little house in Arvada. I do love them. Enjoy the grapes, too, if I can get to them before the squirrels !
    Love the casual way you drop that you're off to Venice.
    Such a gorgeous world in which you live and love. Bella! Bella ! Have fun and happy anniversary for you and David. Love, B.

  2. The foliage is beautiful, but I won't be foliage enough to place any bets. :\

    Enjoy that trip to Venice - I so look forward to seeing you images.

    Thanks again for those beautiful stitch markers from your Etsy shop!!! You have so many beautiful things there!

    Sunday hugs from Port Canaveral,

  3. The patio looks great. You don't want total shade anyway so you can work on your tan. Glad to hear you could get a dog sitter for the Venice trip, sounds great.
    Miss talking to you two now that we are back in the States.

  4. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Lost touch with you here and on FB... Miss you!

    Carrie (Strach) Dembouski.